Chowchilla Fair - Let Freedom Ring May 19-22, 2022
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Spring Festival


Deep Pit BBQ -
A Chowchilla Fair Tradition!

The most popular event of the festival is the traditional barbeque that takes place after the parade on the Saturday of the Fair. The festival committee starts preparing the meat in advance to slow cook in large deep pits for many hours which makes it extraordinarily delicious. The Spring Festival Committee and many volunteers strive to make the annual event a family affair with great food and a large, shady picnic area for great conversation.

This is no small barbeque. Over 6,000 hungry people are served in 2 to 3 hours! The recipe for a successful Spring Festival barbeque includes: 9,000 pounds of meat -- 1,200 pounds of beans -- 1,000 pounds of salad -- AND YOU!!
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