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Junior Livestock Auction


Please use this buyer registration form ONLY if you have not participated in our auction in the past. At the buyer registration table you will turn in this form and be assigned a buyer number at that time.If you have participated in the auction in the past we will have yourinformation to verify at the buyer registration table when you check in.

Junior Livestock Auction Saturday May 21, 2022


Onsite Buyer Registration for small animal auction occurs in the Justin Bigler Pavilion starts at 7:00 PM and continues until the auction is over.

Welcome to the Chowchilla-MaderaCounty Fair Junior Livestock Auction information page! This page exists to help answer questions and promote our annual Junior Livestock Auction, showcasing our local 4-H and FFA livestock exhibitors, and their market animal projects.

FFA and 4-H members prepare to exhibit their animals at the fair year round. In addition to regular project meetings and field days, they will invest hundreds of hours over the year with daily feeding, cleaning and handling of their project animals, in order to prepare them for the annual fair. At the fair, animals are judged by professional livestock evaluators, and those that meet established market quality standards will be auctioned at the Junior Livestock Auction.

These youth are the leaders of tomorrow. The FFA and 4-H programs are designed to teach their members valuable leadership skills that will benefit them in any career they may choose. The animal projects teach them the meaning of responsibility, hard work and the basics of running a small business.

Since one of the goals of these projects is to make a profit we encourage everyone to come to the auction and make a purchase to help our young people meet their goals and reward them for all of their hard work and commitment to becoming the leaders of tomorrow

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Onsite Buyer Registration for Saturday Junior Livestock Auction occurs in the Justin Bigler Pavilion starts at 11:00 AM and continues until the auction is over.

Your purchase will help support a unique educational program for agriculture. These youth exhibitors are learning to produce food for your table. They are also learning how to be in business for themselves. Unfortunately, their business is on a small scale and their costs are much higher than the average commercial producer. Help them achieve success and insure continued food production by supporting them now. The price you pay today encourages youth participation and is a small investment in the future of American Agriculture.

You will encourage free enterprise; receive high quality meat and good advertising, plus the personal satisfaction that you are investing in and promoting our youth to numerous fields of higher education and careers.

Auction Day:

  • Check in at the buyers table and pick up your buyer number and catalog.

  • Watch for the animal you want to bid on or buy.

  • When you are ready to bid, raise your buyer number so the auctioneer knows you are interested in bidding on the animal being sold.

  • Listen to see if you get the winning bid! It is a fun & exciting atmosphere!

  • Once you purchase your desired lot an invoice will be brought to you to be signed.

  • Select the disposition of each purchase by checking the appropriate options and signing your invoice.

  • When you are finished buying, please settle with the livestock office to pay for all your purchases in one payment. Exhibitor will not receive payment until purchases are paid for.

There are three choices for the disposition of your large animal purchase.

  • The animal is harvested and processed for you at a meat cut & wrap facility "Process".

  • You choose to resale the animal back to the processor for the posted resale price "Resale".

  • Resale Friends of the Fair where the buyer pays for the full purchase price and the resale amount is donated to the Chowchilla Fair. Buyer will not receive any meat for this option.

Meat Cut & Wrap Processing:

  • If you choose to have the animal harvested, the processor you choose will contact you by phone, usually a week or so after the auction, for specific cutting and wrapping instructions for your purchased meat.

The processor will walk you through this easy process.

Your meat will be cut (ie: 1 or 1½inch steaks/chops, 3 or 5 pound roasts, fajita, stew, or ground meat, etc.) and it will be wrapped to fit your needs (ie: two steaks per package or 10 steaks per package).

The meat will then be frozen until you are ready to pick it up.

Additional charges apply for cutting and wrapping – these are outlined for you in the auction catalog available on auction day.

There are two choices for the disposition of your small animal purchase.

Animals will be harvested and the seller with work with buyer to deliver purchase.

You choose to take the animal home live.

How to use the Meat:

  • Once you have made your purchase there are many fun ways to utilize the meat!

  • You and your family can enjoy top-quality, hand-fed swine, beef, lamb, goat, rabbit or poultry.

  • Donate all or part of the meat to a local food bank or shelter.

  • Give it away to employees or customers.

  • Use it to host a BBQ.

  • Auction it off or use as part of a BBQ basket for a charity silent auction.

Resale your purchase:

  • If you choose this option the processing facility will automatically purchase the animal back from you at the market value.

  • You only need to pay the difference between the final bid price and the resale or market price.

  • Many businesses prefer this option as this allows them to support our program and enjoy the advertising benefits, even if they are unable to utilize the meat.

Bonus Bids:

  • Additional amounts added on to an exhibitor’s sale price. Must be made on a special bid form available at the auction and paid on the day of the sale. (This additional amount will not be issued to the seller until it has been paid by the Buyer).

Thank you 2019 Junior Livestock Auction Sponsors

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